Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition

29th September, 2017

I just had the best weekend of my life!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
I can’t believe a week has passed since I was lucky enough to attend the Tim Holtz Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition workshop, held at Art from the Heart in Harrogate.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
The first leg of our flight was at 7am, so a 4am alarm call for us, (they don’t call it the red eye for nothing)!! It was an easy journey with enough time at Heathrow to pick up some Scottish Tablet from Fortnum and Mason and make a quick stop at Starbucks before our connecting flight to Leeds.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
We checked into the Crowne Plaza in Harrogate and I got a much needed early night, although like many others attending the workshop, was far too excited to sleep!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
It was finally time to make my way to Art from the Heart and check in for the workshop.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
We were given these cool lanyards to wear in class!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
Tim is a phenomenal teacher, I loved every minute, learnt so much and laughed lots. I was lucky enough to take the class with a couple of long time online friends, Emma Williams and Jenny Marples. It was so great to finally meet them in person and share the day with them.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
Mario Rossi, King of BTS, was of course there making things run smoothly and capturing moments from each of the workshops.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
These are the tags that I made in class. DO NOT adjust your screens, I did use PINK!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
These were my favourite technique tags and I’ve already used them to make some Halloween cards.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
These are the goodies we were given in class. Tim and Mario are just beyond generous.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
We were given necklaces for luck, which of course will now be my travelling accessory for life! We were also given these cool gusseted bags. The idea is to take time out each day and make something and put it in the bag to use later. We were also given these Tim Holtz District Market notebooks for jotting down creative ideas. I have already made good use of both.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
Each student received these stencils, made exclusively for the Creative Chemistry LIVE classes. We were given a binder with clear sleeves to store our technique tags and even a tote to carry it all home in. Tim and Mario think of everything.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
We had to get a THA Group photo with the man himself! Kaz Hall, Jenny Marples and I admin the Tim Holtz Addicts facebook group, along with Jess and Jennallee who are based in the US.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
I managed to get a silly photo with Tim and Mario (the photo bomber) Rossi! These guys are just so much fun and their energy is endless.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
Mario took some fun selfies after class. Love this guy!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
Naturally I did some shopping at Art from the Heart and they were stocked up with Tim Holtz’s new holiday line!

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
I was still on cloud nine the next day and as the next group of lucky students began their workshop, my Husband and I visited York and did some shopping.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
We met up with friends and family for afternoon tea at Betty’s Tea Room. It was simply heavenly. Somewhere I would definitely go back to.

Creative Chemistry LIVE UK Edition
And just like that our magical weekend had come to and end and it was time to make our way back to Copenhagen. We had just enough time on the way to the airport to drop in for one last hug and meet Kath Stewart and Anne Redfern.

We had an incredible time and met so many lovely friends, old and new. There was such an incredible atmosphere surrounding the entire weekend. People traveling from all over and coming together. So much laughter, excitement, hugs and new friendships. I certainly came away with a renewed vigor for all things creative and some wonderful memories. I hope we can do it again soon.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to Tim Holtz, Mario Rossi and Ben from Art from the Heart for all their hard work bringing this class to the UK and making so many crafters happy.

Zoe x


  1. kath says:

    it definitely was the most magical experience Zoe and I’m so glad that I finally got to meet you and your lovely hubby, even if it was just for a quick hug…I can’t believe it was a week ago either and I’m missing those boys already…here’s to the next time xxx

  2. Kathryn S’chuk says:

    Wow! Thank you for posting this great blog of your weekend, Zoe! Love your description and pictures.

  3. juli riedel says:

    What a wonderful weekend!!! Getting to take class with Tim and Mario and meeting up in person with Jenny, Kaz, Kath and Anne! Lucky you! Beautiful pictures and the tea room at Betty’s looked fantastic! So happy for you and thanks for sharing girlie!

    • iGirlZoe says:

      Thanks Juli, I also met up and sat with Emma Williams in class and met some new friends I had seen online and never met. It was such a great weekend, with such an excited and happy vibe from everyone. Betty’s was, well, YUM. 😉

  4. Melanie Hampton says:

    It was a magical experience for everyone wasn’t it!!!
    I hope that I get to meet Tim & Mario again one day (another class would be awesome). I couldn’t believe all the gifts we were given. I also got to meet the lovely Kath Stewart too xxx

  5. that crazy chick says:

    Looks like an amazing trip (more than a little jealous, extremely happy for you and all the other lucky students, but still envious of your good time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and a wonderful, wonder-filled adventure. Thanks for sharing these great pics.

  6. Kaz says:

    Aww what an exciting adventure we had! It was so fabulous to meet you zoe, next time we will make sure we have longer to chat…. I maybake you some fondant fancy’s! Lol xx thanks for your blog post, great to re-live the weekend xxx

  7. It sure was an amazing workshop! Sorry I didn’t get to meet you but hopefully sometime in the future.
    Linda xxx

  8. Suey says:

    Thanks Zoe for sharing this amazing experience! I could feel the joy and happiness in your words and so glad you were able to go to this! I LOVE those dragonfly tags. I feel so inspired by you.

    • iGirlZoe says:

      Thanks Suey-Claus. I thought about you as I sat down for class. Thought about way back when we dreamed of taking such a class. One day we’ll have to take one together. x

  9. Toni says:

    Hi Zoe ! Thanks for sharing this post and bringing back happy memories from last weekend. I was there on Friday morning and was a pleasure to meet you at lunch time. It really was such a great time ! We really were the lucky ones! Best wishes to you Toni xx

    • iGirlZoe says:

      Hi again Toni, it was lovely to meet you too. I so enjoyed the excitement coming from all of you after the morning class. It made me even more excited, if that was possible. Hope to see you again. x

  10. Anne R says:

    Such a lovely post Zoe, I am re-living the weekend through you! It was lovely to meet you in person (along with Neil), albeit briefly. The weekend was nothing short of magical, seeing so many friends- old and new – and the Tim and Mario experience was incredible – so much fun, laughter and a creative delight! They are such lovely people and so inspiring. I had almost forgotten how wonderful it is to shop in a real shop too – a big extra bonus! xxx

    • iGirlZoe says:

      It was such a pleasure meeting you Anne, albeit all too briefly. As we drove to the airport I kept saying to Neil “Kath and Anne will be taking their seats… Kath and Anne will be making tag 3 about now…” It was so great to see Tim and Mario and meet Ben. Also to finally see Art from the Heart in person, having shopped online with them for years. I had the best weekend ever. Let’s do it again soon. x

  11. Sue says:

    Loved your tags you made. It really looks like you had a ton of fun with those two great guys. I have always to take a workshop of Tim’s but he’s never here where I am in Victoria, BC. I need to win a lottery and be able to go to these lovely places like Harrogate in the UK. Looked like soooooo much fun. Thanks for sharing your lovely adventure with us.

  12. Liz Walters says:

    ZOE, So happy you had an awesome time. Was fun reading your post!
    I told Kath that I’m so jealous of her and you too for getting to go and also see “the boys”! I live a few MINUTES from them and you and Kath see them more then I do!! I really miss them!!
    Can’t wait to see some new art from you soon!!
    Love, Liz

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