CHA 2016 Tim Holtz Periscopes Day 2

12th January, 2016

Hello! Back again with more periscopes from CHA 2016 featuring Tim Holtz. Thanks so much to everyone who scoped from CHA and shared this amazing show with people from around the world!

If like me you’re going to miss getting the daily “whistle”, check out the following instagram accounts for loads of Tim Holtz BTS (behind the scenes) from CHA 2016.

Tim Holtz
Mario Rossi
Paula Cheney
Richele Christensen
Ranger Ink


CHA2016 periscope – More with Tim (by Sizzix)

CHA2016 periscope – What’s New at Sizzix with Tim Holtz (by Sizzix)

CHA2016 periscope – Tim Holtz Good Morning from CHA (by Mario Rossi)

CHA2016 periscope – Ranger Booth (by Brianna)

CHA 2016 periscope – Tim Holtz (by Yvonne Blair)

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  1. Tera Callihan says:

    thank you for sharing these!!! <3 <3 <3

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